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Besides leading my own group, visit these websites for great music and more information
on other bands I perform with:

  • The Discounts - live hip hop/reggae/funk fun
  • Adanu Habobo - traditional music/dance of Ghana (and a little bit of Zimbabwe)
  • Zimbamoto - electrified Zimbabwean dance music (played by humans!)
  • Zhambai Trio - acoustic trio of mbira, marimba and hosho (Zimbabwean traditional/contemporary)
  • Tarab - Arab jazz-rock-fusion

  • Greetings and welcome to my little piece of cyberspace.

    Who am I? (Now that is the question!!!)

    If you want an answer in 14+mins, straight from my mouth, watch this:

    People come to websites, reading bios, trying to figure out who someone else is. Said website owner makes a bio, tries to put impressive things there, drop names, list accomplishments. Then perhaps judgements are formed, opinons made and such by you, the reader.

    Well, I don't like to play that game is hollow to me (I understand some may need to create such bios for various purposes...not slighting you all). But I could make it all up and you wouldn't know the difference!

    I am Curtis….a drummer.
    But I am much more than that I suppose. I make music first and foremost, but that is just a means to try and figure “IT” out. Music as a career is second to music as a vehicle for growth and exploration. In my own creations and travels I try and gain more insight into who I am, what I am doing and try and to foster love, understanding, truth, wonder and excitement for being alive.

    Hopefully, in the process I will keep the rumble in my stomach to a minimum and have some kind of roof over my head.

    If you really want to know who I am, you'll have to spend some time going through this website. If you don't have the time let me tell you a few things.

    I was born on May 2, 1977.

    My childhood was great. My family is amazing. I have an amazing wife and a daughter that I cherish every moment. If I am unhappy, I have only myself to look to for the reason.

    I taught myself to play the drumset at 14 and now I travel the world, following my curiosity for rhythm, culture, spirit, what makes humans do what we do.
    I've spent years studying the musical practice of Ghana and South India and count some of the best in those worlds as my mentors. Trichy Sankaran has been my master since the beginning of my mridangam studies and will always be my guru.
    I still go back each year and go deeper.
    I compose my own music, I play mbira with one of Canada's best mbira players, I co-lead a Ghanaian drum & dance ensemble, I lead my own Afro-Indian-World-Jazz group (that genre exists...I made it up).
    I'm born and raised in a small Newfoundland town but now live in Vancouver, BC.
    There is a school in a Ghanaian village with my name on it. I like to help people with the power, potential and advantage that I have in my life and where I was born and what I was born into.

    I've been to school...BFA from York U.
    It was a good time, I met my guru. But it didn't make me the musician I am today. No school can do that.

    Now I am almost through a PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of British Columbia. Where that will take me who knows.

    Please take some time when you have it to see some pictures and read some of my experiences from around the world.

    Listen to some of my own music as well if you please.

    Peace and Love,

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    Curtis Andrews is a percussionist/composer/teacher with global persuasions. A recognized player of most styles of music (African, jazz, Indian, country, rock, funk, reggae, free improv) he performs and records with a wide variety of groups and artists. His studies have taken him to the villages and metropolises of Ghana, India, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and he has developed a deep knowledge of the history/performance of music from these areas. A leader in his field, he released his first album of original music entitled “The Offering of Curtis Andrews”.

    This album gained him two awards from MusicNL (music association of Newfoundland & Labrador) including 2009 "Male Artist of the Year" and "Instrumental Album of the Year".

    In late 2009 he was also awarded the Atlantis Music Prize which recognizes the best album of the year in NL, judged solely on artistic merit regardless of record sales or genre.

    Also nominated for "Jazz Recording of the Year" at the 2009 ECMA Awards (East Coast Music Association Awards).

    He now lives in Vancouver, BC and leads his own world jazz ensemble, plays Zimbabwean, South Indian, Ghanaian music a varied crew of musicians. He is also pursuing a PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of British Columbia.