This is me helping to pull a fishing net one day at the beach. I was just walking by with my friend Ledzi when they asked me to help. I thought they were joking at first but they really wanted me in. My amusement was as much as theirs I think. I didn't stick around to get my share of the fish though. Notice the awesome atoke playing as musical accompaniment to the songs.

Aflao, Ghana, Feb.2007

A funny vid of trying my hand at making akple (corn flour porridge), one of the favorite dishes and a staple food of Ewe people. It is harder than it looks and if you are not careful, you can spill it or let it burn. A real workout for the upper body. I had to hand it over to a more experienced cook in the end.

Dzogadze, Ghana, Feb.2007

One of the most entertaining dancers of the day...a crowd favorite. In another video you can hear the drummer and praise singer this one you see the person being praised dancing on some specific rhythms. The money collected goes to pay the musicians.

Tamale, May 2007

Dagomba drummers and dancers performing one section of the dance known as Takai. This was taken at funeral in Tamale in 2007 as a member of the local arts centre had passed so many drummers and dancers (young and old) had assembled to play for the family.

Tamale, Ghana, May 2007

An amazing day. The jaw dropping lower falls at Wli, Volta Region. After a 30 min hike through some incredible jungle and small streams, you come upon this. Not much else to say about this except drink it in.

Wli, Ghana, April 2009

A short glimpse of the canopy walk at Kakum National Park at 5am where I spent my 30th B-Day

Kakum, Ghana, May 2007

A short clip of some grooving Brekete cult members who came to visit the village of Dagbamete during the annual renewal festival of the god Torgbui Apetorku. At this annual festival, many other spiritual groups are invited to perform/display their powers as a sign of respect to Apetorku. Often you can have 3-4 different groups engaged at the same time.

Dagbamete, Ghana, April 2009

Some footage of my good friend Oliver Torgboh playing with his cousins in the village of Bata. The Brekete cult (Nana Tongo) is seen here is based in the village of Dzogadze and was performing some final funeral rites for a deceased member in Bata. We arrived in the early evening, played all night, the next day, slept a little and then they continued until the next day again(!!)...I went back to Dzogadze to rest ;-) Oliver is a great drummer and is doing some nice improvising on the Boba (not found in all Brekete groups). Notice the ubiquitous "akpeteshie/adeha" ;-)

Bata, Ghana, 2007

This was taken at the annual festival held at the Apetorku Shrine in Dagbamete, Ghana. Torgbui Apetorku is a major "vodu" (God/spirit) in this region and has thousands of followers. The name literally means "Master of Death" but in fact, the popularity of this shrine is because of its focus on love of your neighbours and protection against malicious spiritual activities. This clip is taken while nearing the climax of the procession of the shrine members, led by the priests (hunuawo), who are entering the shrine (agbordzi) for the first time since its annual "cleansing" and renewal. This festival happens every year around Easter and all people are welcome to witness.....nothing to hide. This is the first day and is followed by a week of sacrifices, renewals of faith and friendship and wake-keeping s on each evening (drumming/dancing thorough the night). From L-R : C.K Davor, Hunua Yao Dunyo, Moses Davor, Kwasi Dunyo.

Dagbamete, Ghana, April 2007

Cute little things, these Mona monkeys are protected and held sacred by the villgae of Tafi-Adidome in Northern Volta, Ghana. A very successful eco-tourism venture, these monkeys exist and flourish in the village forests because it was considered taboo to cut the habitat of the monkeys(considered to be spiritual protectors). They are quite accustomed to people and come close to grab some of the bananas that people often bring to them. The revenue raised from visitors goes back into the community's development.

Tafi-Adidome, Ghana, April 2009

Amazing footage of a member of the Korku cult in a powerful state of consciousness. It is common for the members of the cult when they become possessed..... vigourous stabbing, slashing and slicing of different parts of the body but drawing no blood or leaving any scars. Other things I have seen are people taking baths with boiling palm oil and using straw brooms to lift other people. Many other feats are also performed but I have not seen them personally. But I do not doubt what is possible. The only way anyone gets injured is if certain taboos are not followed leading up to the ceremony. This group was invited to display their power and pay respect to Torgbui Apetorku.

Dagbamete, Ghana, April 2009